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Public Sector Apprenticeships

CMS Vocational Training Hadyn Luke posted this on Tuesday 24th of July 2018 Hadyn Luke 24/07/2018


Public Sector Apprenticeships

Since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy more employers are becoming engaged with the benefits of taking on an apprentice and the public sector is no exception (see our blog on 5 Employer Benefits of Apprenticeships).

The public sector includes educational facilities such as schools and libraries, the NHS and social services, fire and police services, the prison service, waste management, armed forces, local councils, HMRC and other government agencies.

As an apprenticeship services provider, CMS works with employers to help them decide on the right apprenticeship programmes. We also work with individuals to help place them at the most suitable employer for their goals and skills.

Why partner with CMS?

As an organisation, CMS has more than 30 years’ experience and has worked with more than 10 local authorities, as well as many charities and NPOs.

Provision is bespoke and targeted to both the employer and the apprentice, with high-quality training and regular reviews.

How does the process start?

The first stage is for us to appoint an individual account manager. They will conduct an in-depth discussion with the key decision-makers and line managers in your organisation.

The goal is to establish your current and future workplace objectives and where there are specific skills gaps. Provision will then be tailored to fulfil these aims.

The initial assessment will highlight what the starting points should be, assess the strengths of the organisation and any areas that need developing, and identify the specific learning support required moving forward. It will also look at the role and responsibilities of line managers in making the apprenticeship a success for all parties involved. Finally, it will establish schedules so that the apprentice can start at the best time to suit the employer.

How are apprentices recruited?

CMS operates a free apprentice recruitment service, tailored specifically to the needs of each employer.

Not only does this save time for the employer, but it also ensures that candidates are matched to the organisation’s needs and workforce.

Additionally, CMS can work with employers looking to recruit internal apprentices, to make sure that they complement the organisation’s work flow demands.

What is the teaching framework?

Bespoke training and individual learning plans will be created; these will be of high quality and tailored to the requirements of the employer and the apprenticeship role.

A schedule of monthly and quarterly off-the-job training will be planned by CMS staff, in consultation with the public sector employer.

All apprentices are supported by regular visits from their tutor. These can be at the employer’s offices or workplace, or at an outside location of the employer’s choosing.

Additionally, apprentices will have access to interactive virtual learning, providing a wide variety of resources to support them, both in sector-specific learning and in their own personal development.

How is the apprenticeship monitored?

Accountability and results are all-important and CMS staff are on hand to support both employer and apprentice.

In addition to tutor visits, the apprentice will have access to advice by phone and email from experienced CMS staff.

Regular performance management reviews will take place to ensure that the apprentice and their line manager are receiving the support they need and that the apprenticeship is progressing as it should.

All training will be monitored to ensure that the teaching and learning aligns with the job role that the apprenticeship is following and the future developments within the particular workplace.


There are plenty of resources on our website, including on our blog pages, for example: Case Study: Doctors’ SurgeriesAAT Case Study: Vita HardwareCase Study: Kerry Ann-Baines; and What Are Apprenticeship Standards?.

As discussed in our blog: Are All Apprenticeship Providers the Same?, any employer will benefit from taking the time to research companies providing apprenticeship services, in order to find the best fit for their organisation.

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