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Ten Compelling Reasons to Integrate Apprenticeships into Your Business Strategy

CMS Vocational Training Hadyn Luke posted this on Friday 9th of June 2023 Hadyn Luke 09/06/2023

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Ten Compelling Reasons to Integrate Apprenticeships into Your Business Strategy

Modern-day employers are harnessing the power of apprenticeships to develop their employees and propel their businesses forward. Whether hiring new talent or encouraging current employees to upskill via an apprenticeship programme, the benefits are diverse.

Apprenticeships offer work-based qualifications that enhance an individual’s career trajectory and earning potential, but they also bring significant advantages to the employer, as well as the wider development of the individual. Here are ten compelling reasons why apprenticeships should be part of your business strategy:

  1. Future-Ready Skilled Workers: Apprenticeships shape employees into skilled professionals tailored to your company’s evolving needs. This strategic approach fills short-term skills gaps, nurtures long-term future leaders, and fosters a workforce that’s prepared to meet future challenges.
  1. Boosting Employee Loyalty and Retention: It is well known that the delivery of employee CPD results in high motivation, commitment, and alignment with your business objectives. An apprenticeship fosters a career-oriented mindset, encouraging employees to stay longer and reducing recruitment costs. In fact, according to the National Apprenticeship Service, 92% of companies report that apprenticeships lead to a more satisfied workforce, with 80% experiencing increased employee retention.
  1. Enhancing Your Bottom Line: Employees trained via apprenticeships boost the organisations financial health, giving you a competitive edge. With 81% of consumers preferring businesses that hire apprentices, your reputation and profitability grow together. Plus, with free recruitment by CMS, as well as government funding and incentives available for each apprentice, recruitment costs are significantly reduced.
  1. Optimising Resource Allocation: As your business grows, minor tasks can distract your more established, developed, and senior staff from their core responsibilities. Delegating these tasks to apprentices, who are keen to learn and shoulder responsibilities, frees up time for experienced team members, leading to enhanced productivity.
  1. Revitalising Your Business: Apprentices often bring rejuvenated energy into the workplace, positively influencing the existing staff. Their readiness to learn and fresh insights can introduce innovative ideas into your business and help you introduce and develop new systems and processes.
  1. Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): CSR In today’s world, a company’s social impact and ethical conduct are under scrutiny from consumers, employees, and stakeholders alike. Investing in people through apprenticeships allows you to demonstrate your commitment to CSR in a tangible way.
  1. Ensuring Succession Planning: Apprenticeships offer an effective route to succession planning, with apprenticeships available from Level 2 up to Level 7. By cultivating your apprentices, you ensure vital skills are transferred, preparing qualified candidates to step up when necessary.
  1. Attracting Diverse Talent: With so many career pathways available to adult learners, more and more candidates are looking to gain qualifications and get paid, rather than following the typical academic routes. Apprentices come from a range of backgrounds, providing a pool of diverse talent for your business. Being able to offer a salary, experience, and qualifications can help you attract motivated and higher-quality employees.
  1. Promoting a Learning Culture: Encouraging apprenticeships promotes a culture of learning and continuous improvement in your organisation. This culture can lead to ongoing innovation and productivity improvements.
  1. Enhancing Company Reputation: Being recognised as an organisation that invests in apprenticeships shows your commitment to nurturing talent, promoting career development, and investing in the workforce of tomorrow. It underscores your values of learning and growth, indicating a proactive approach to talent development and the continuous improvement of your workforce.

CMS Vocational Training offers a wide range of apprenticeships in fields such as Finance, HR, Learning & Development, Business Administration, Leadership and Management, Childcare, and Health and Fitness. Our programmes are designed to develop talent and close skills gaps and are available to new and existing employees. Finally, supporting apprenticeships reflects positively on your company’s commitment to cultivating talent and contributing to community development. The benefits of apprenticeships are clear – they’re not just an investment in individuals but in the very heart of your business strategy.

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