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National Apprenticeship Week 2017

CMS Vocational Training Hadyn Luke posted this on Thursday 9th of March 2017 Hadyn Luke 09/03/2017


National Apprenticeship Week 2017

Our blog this week is all about National Apprenticeship Week, an annual awareness-raising event to encourage young people to follow an apprenticeship and to inform employers of the benefits of taking on an apprentice. (See also our blogs on: Five key benefits of apprenticeships for employersAre all apprenticeship providers the same? and Apprenticeship Grants for Employers).

Dates and themes

This year’s event – NAW 2017 – runs from 6 to 10 March and marks the 10th anniversary of National Apprenticeship Week. NAW will be celebrating its acheivements over the past 10 years.

The key theme is how apprenticeships provide a ‘Ladder of Opportunity’ to young people. Taking an apprenticeship can open up a route from traineeships through to higher and degree apprenticeships.

Related issues are:

  • social mobility
  • raising the prestige of apprenticeships
  • meeting the skills need
  • apprenticeships delivering jobs and high-quality provision

What are the aims and objectives of NAW?

First to raise awareness of apprenticeships and trainees and show their positive economic impact, as well as how they can lead to a rewarding career and open up access to jobs that usually require a university degree.

NAW also promotes the support that businesses considering offering apprenticeships can draw on.

What else do we know about apprenticeships?

Apprenticeship subjects are wide ranging, from accountancy to engineering – in fact there are around 1,500 job roles for apprentices, in more than 170 industries. At any one time, there are up to 28,000 apprenticeship vacancies to be found online.

Around 90% of apprentices stay in employment after completing their apprenticeship, including 71% who remain with the same employer and 2% who are self-employed.

89% of apprentices are satisfied with their apprenticeship and 83% of apprentices say their career prospects improved as a result.

In the year 2014-15, more than 250,000 employer workplaces had an apprentice and 87% of employers said they were satisfied with their apprenticeship programme.

How to find and share news about NAW 2017

Email theweek@sfa.bis.gov.uk to share links to any stories and photos.


  • share news, links, images and videos
  • follow @Apprenticeships and @TraineeshipsGov
  • use the hashtags #NAW2017 #apprenticeships and #madebyapprentices


Upload content then share on Twitter as above so it can be added to the National Apprenticeship Week playlist.


Follow NAW on Instagram using the hashtags #NAW2017 and #madebyapprentices.


Follow NAW’s showcase page.

For more information…

There are toolkits available with ideas for activities, along with branded resources for marketing.

Take a look at some of our other blogs on apprenticeships on the CMS website or contact the National Apprenticeship Service on 08000 150 600. For more information on NAW, contact: theweek@sfa.bis.gov.uk.

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