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Matrix – Quality Standard for Information Advice and Guidance Services

CMS Vocational Training Hadyn Luke posted this on Friday 20th of March 2020 Hadyn Luke 20/03/2020


Matrix – Quality Standard for Information Advice and Guidance Services

In a previous blog on the matrix Standard, we discussed the importance of our accreditation under this Quality Standard for Information Advice and Guidance Services.

We also set out the four key elements to the Standard – Leadership and Management, Resource, Service Delivery and Continuous Quality Improvement – and how CMS has progressed since our 2016 matrix assessment, under the framework our 2019/2020 Quality Improvement Plan.

Today we are looking in more detail at the company’s Vision and Strengths.


Our Vision is:

“…to be the preferred supplier of training in our specialist areas across West Yorkshire and beyond, using insight, technologies and professional expertise to excel for our learners, whether at a distance or face to face.”

The key performance indicators (KPIs) and Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that underpin our vision include goals for recruiting new learners and apprentices, and also:

  • 80% success rate
  • 80% timely success rates
  • Working only with employers committed to quality apprenticeship delivery
  • Delivering a high-quality learning experience through highly committed tutors

For the 2018-2019 year, we achieved a 76.58% rate, which is above the national average but a small reduction from 84.38% the previous year; this was mostly due to changes in the apprenticeship sector. However, our timely success rates were above our 80% goal, at 83.15%.

Learner satisfaction levels (May 2019) stood at 84.1% and 100% employers (Ofsted 2018) said they would recommend CMS to other employers.

The provision of Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is now integral within our practices. Our IAG Policy states:

“…the aim of effective IAG is to promote the benefits of learning, help individuals to address and overcome any barriers to learning and support them in making realistic and well-informed choices.”


The assessment for the matrix Standard accreditation found that leadership and management at CMS is strong and purposeful, as well as being participative and team-based, with an open and supportive environment for the small but close-knit team.

Other findings included:

  • The team puts the learner first and is committed to providing a ‘good learner journey’ and providing relevant IAG and support to achieve a positive outcome
  • CMS is highly trusted and refreshingly honest, with high professional ethics and impartiality
  • Staff are easily accessible, respond quickly and go over and above expectations to help learners
  • CMS works well with partner organisations – with good communication and a consistent approach
  • New CMS staff praised the ethos, support and openness of the company and numerous staff have been given support to progress their careers
  • Information, advice and guidance pre-enrolment helps learners and businesses to understand how the apprenticeship will be delivered
  • Leadership is strong, purposeful, participative and team-based
  • Use of IT helps learners contact tutors, view their progress online and access extensive learning and support materials

In addition, CMS has demonstrated a commitment to ongoing improvement and development across the whole business, through its self-assessment reporting (SAR) process and quality improvement plan (QIP).

Moving forward

Holders of the matrix Standard Accreditation are expected to maintain and continually improve on their services, with annual continuous improvement checks and a three-year accreditation review.

As a company, we are pleased to have met the standards for accreditation and will continue to work towards maintaining and improving our offer moving forward.

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